~ Hearty welcome to Our Land ~
Every once in a while, when the hectic pace of city life overwhelms you and the chaos of the urban crush threatens to consume you, it’s always wise to retreat into some much-needed solitude. Tucked away in the backwaters of Kerala is Our Land, a panacea for the soul. An island getaway from the rigmarole of daily life, Our Land sits in an island of tranquillity to the south of Alappuzha, surrounded by green paddy fields fringed with coconut palm, bamboos and banana trees that stretch as far as the eye can see.
In the lap of nature, Our Land has stayed true to its roots and blends in perfectly with the rustic landscape that surrounds it for miles. The resort’s modern amenities unobtrusively attend to the comforts of guests and do not compromise on the hotel’s natural ambience and pursuit to ensure that its carbon footprint on the environment is minimised.
Our Land invites guests and divulges secrets – this hideaway island was a one-time den of a fierce bandit immortalised by the locals as a Robin Hood! Madhu, the soul of the small hotel as well as manager and chef-in-charge will personally pick you up from the airport and drive with you through the lush greenery of the Kerala countryside to Our Land.
During your stay here you can unravel the secrets of this one-time bandit hideaway and ensconce yourself in its warm and welcoming world.
9 Rated by Guests
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